How To Post News - General Rules

Send news about Proto-Indo-European language revival seen in the Press, in the Internet, important events and activities, etc.
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How To Post News - General Rules

Post by administrator » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:19 am

These are the rules for posting in this section:

  • This section offers the views of other people about the DNGHU project - whether they are supporters or not. Critic information is therefore also welcome.
  • Any post, news, commentary, or link to our websites, that might be interesting for the community, is welcome.
  • Look first that it has not been already mentioned - i.e. that there is not comment or link on that topic already.
  • Personal blog's posts are also welcome - even more than one -, to allow for discussion of new ideas. However, spam is not allowed. This question is left to the discretion of the readers: popular and critic blogs would be more interesting than supporting and not popular blogs, for example, since the latter would most probably be looking for SEO tactics.
  • Be rational, and think of the others' interest: what interest us and what not. Conlangers and the conlanging world deals with this project often, but it is only relevant if they are related to PIE (see the Prometheus' Engineer/Mala'kak section for more). Professional linguists, sites on IE studies, political (and language policy) comments are usually more interesting.

To allow for discussion, the topic should at least have:
  • A meaningful title: Usually "Date: - Name Of Author/Blog - Title Summary". So e.g. 26 Oct 2008 : Page F30 - The Rebirth of Indo-European
  • A brief description of the content.
  • A link to the original article/post/news.
  • A comment. You can also leave the post without personal opinion, and then post it as answer to your original post.

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