2.6. Accent

2.6.1. There are stressed as well as unstressed words. The last could indicate words that are always enclitic, i.e., they are always bound to the accent of the preceding word, like qe or we; while another can be proclitics, like prepositions. The accent position can thus help to distinguish words.

2.6.2. In Europaio, each non-clitic word has one and only one accent. The possibility of secondary accents depends on the pronunciation.

2.6.3. The accent is free, but that does not mean anarchy. On the contrary, it means that each word has an accent, and one has to know -usually by way of practice- where it goes.

2.6.4. Usually, adjectives are accentuated on the ending; as in Europaios, Angliskos, while nouns aren't; as in Europaios, Angliskos. There are some other rules to be followed in the declension of nouns and in the conjugation of verbs, which will be later studied.