III. Imperfect Reduplicated Stem

1. The Imperfect Reduplicated stems, thematic and athematic, are found mainly in the southern dialects, but also sporadically in the Northern (lat. tetuli, teitigi could be one example).

NOTE. In this case, the southern dialects have also, as in the Present, a specialized vowel in reduplication, but in this case it is unique to these languages, while the rest follow other schemes.

2. The Thematic Reduplicates have a general vowel e for Imperfects (opposed to the i of the Present), and the Root has a zero-grade, and sometimes accent before the ending; as, chechene from chen, to hurt.

In roots which begin with vowel, reduplication is of the type vowel+consonant.

NOTE. These resources seem not to have left the Southern Dialects, although the difference between the -i of Present and the -e of the Imperfect is generalized in IE III.