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NOTE. We don't use less restrictive licenses (such as the Dnghu General Open Academic Licence) for these specific extensive works because we firmly believe that to give the right to change everything in it to anyone would hinder the success of the European language - as many different projects would arise by only making some minor changes to whole texts, extending this way unnecessarily the efforts of the community and lessening our chances of success. We want, however, people to participate, so we rely on a license that gives enough freedom for the knowledge to be freely redistributed; but enough freedom for us, too, for this knowledge not to be distorted or ruined altogether by careless redistributors and rewriters. So, to sum up, if you want to experiment with creating new languages, don't copy our main works, make yours; and if you want to collaborate (wether criticizing us and changing things for better, or supporting us in any possible way), just contact (or join) us. You will be very welcome.