Public release of ‘A Grammar of Modern Indo-European’, 1st Edition, corrected and extended

A Grammar of Modern Indo-EuropeanAlmost 2 months after the public release of version 2.00, a new major version 3.00 has been published, A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, 1st Edition, with its own ISBN and Legal Deposit.

Unlike the more informal v.2.00, firstly called Europaio:A Brief Grammar of the European Language, Vol. I, 1st Revised Edition, and then 2nd. Edition/A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, this release has been prepared with an expert in Indo-European linguistics and will have a printed edition, B&W paperback, with a size of app. ISO B5, with a cost of 20€ before VAT. The first 100 copies printed will be donated to different European libraries, and the editor will offer the ebook to download for free from its website, too.

The following major changes have been made:

– The writing system has been symplified to the older v.1.00 one (i.e., without Satem-Centum distinction), and the reasons for such a decision are explained in the First (Phonetic) Appendix.

– The first chapter has been completely revised to include other Indo-European dialects of Europe and their main linguistic and/or archaeological features.

– Minor syntax, translation, and corrections of MIE forms have been applied to all chapters.

– The Noun (hence also Adjective and Pronoun) Declension system has been finally left as a complete 8-case one, giving the most common reconstructions for it, as well as notes about the usual dialectal differences.

– The chapter on verbs and especially the Modern Indo-European conjugation system have been completely rewriten thanks to Prof. Dr. López-Menchero, who has made two divisions, the first into two main conjugation groups (Athematic and Thematic) and another, more complex one into 8 Thematic and 4 Athematic subgroups, giving thus twelve different groups of verbs (with a general group of ‘irregulars), therefore helping IE being still more difficult to learn 😉

– As Modern Indo-European syntactic details are difficult to ascertain nowadays – at least to be able to write a second thorough volume – we decided to include an Appendix on Proto-Indo-European syntax, which follows mainly Lehman’s findings with subsequent corrections from newer manuals (viz. Friedrich, Mendoza, Beekes, Ramat, etc.).

– The etymological notes have been written at the end of the book, instead of in the middle of the chapters. This style correction is a great improvement for the printed book, but in turn causes problems for the correct use of internal links. All bookmarks will have to be corrected one by one; we will try to correct it completely for the next minor release.

– As expected, only an English version has been finished. We hope this edition is correct enough to be able to work some months on translating the book into (at least) French, German, Italian and Spanish, without having to substitute them for newer corrected versions…

Thanks to all of you for your corrections and comments.We hope to keep publishing minor corrections and newer major versions with your inestimable help.

Your Indo-European Language Team.

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