November 21, 2018

Modern Indo-European Self-Study Book

MIEGB-coverCurrent Version: 3.01 (21 Feb 2021)

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A Practical Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers, Lessons 1-42
by Fernando López-Menchero Díez
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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This Guidebook is a language method for learning Modern Indo-European. It is thought not only for beginners, but also for advanced students and language researchers. The Guidebook is based on current scholarly work on Indo-European studies and aims at presenting a reconstruction as similar as possible to the original Proto-Language which developed at a late period of community.

The method has the advantages of being intuitive and easy to follow, while focusing on the most important lexical and morphosyntactic elements in gradual order of complexity. Its content is presented in the form of dialogues and narrations with addition of insightful grammar and style notes.

The Guidebook entails a total of 42 lessons, five of which are devoted to revision and notes. A vocabulary list appears at the end of each lesson.

By following this method students will:

  • have a better understanding of the main characteristics of Modern Indo-European, in parallel to the ones featured by the Proto-Language;
  • be able to ‘fly with their own wings’, and hold basic and medium-level conversations;
  • command an extended lexical corpus of Indo-European;
  • have an accurate clue of where and how to tackle scholarly references;
  • acquire solid skills whereby they will find learning Indo-European daughter languages much easier.

This Guidebook is highly recommended to all those who want to experience progress in Modern Indo-European and apply this interesting language in real living situations.

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Translations and revisions

We would like our main works to be as accurate as possible, and to be translated into all possible languages, so that everyone is able to read it and learn MIE in their mother tongue. If you are interested in translating the text, please contact us first to see if there are other people already working on it.

For the moment, this self-learning method is being translated into French (to be published very soon) and German.

Latest Revisions of the Indo-European Guidebook

You can share comments and corrections of any kind in form (spelling, expressions, sources) or content directly with the author at [email protected]. Changes will be made as soon as possible after notification:

Versions’ Changes

  • 21 FEB 2021:: (v. 3.01) Multiple corrections and additions. Professional version, prepared for print.
  • 23 NOV 2018:: (v. 1.02) minor errors and stylistic details.
  • 22 NOV 2018:: (v. 1.01) ‘sentí’ (auto-corrected in Word) changed for the correct ‘senti’; added info on cover image.