May 12, 2017

FLEXIE: A Conjugator of Modern Indo-European verbs

Current Version:1.0 (JUL 2016)

Creative Commons License

FLEXIE: A Conjugator of Modern Indo-European verbs
by Fernando López-Menchero
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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FLEXIE or How to conjugate verbs in Modern Indo-European, is the result of Fernando López-Menchero’s thorough revision of the Late Indo-European verbal conjugation, a difficult aspect of the language.

Divided into individual files following conjugation categories, they are Excel files prepared for the immediate use by those interested in the Modern Indo-European language system.

Spreadsheets can be downloaded as a single compressed archive

Files can be read and downloaded individually online at ResearchGate (access with an appropriate account):

FLEXIE: A conjugator of Modern Indo-European verbs. How to conjugate verbs in Modern Indo-European.

Latest Revisions of FLEXIE, the Modern Indo-European conjugator

You can share comments and corrections of any kind in form (spelling, expressions, sources) or content directly with the author at [email protected], or you can share them publicly in the appropriate forum thread for discussion. Changes will be made as soon as possible after notification.