December 31, 2018

A Feat of Crowds


A Song of Sheep and Horses
Book Four
A Feat of Crowds
hic sunt leones,
hic sunt dracones

Supplementary maps and graphics of prehistoric ethnolinguistic evolution of Europe, Asia and Africa

Version: 1.21 (11 September 2019)

 A Feat of Crowds: hic sunt leones, hic sunt dracones (previously A Storm of Hordes) is the fourth and last volume of a series of books called A Song of Sheep and Horses, which includes archaeological and genetic information in books 1 and 2, A Game of Clans & A Clash of Chiefs, and linguistic data in the third volume, A Storm of Words.

This volume contains supplementary materials: poster-size high-quality maps and graphics to illustrate the information contained in the other three volumes. Maps include cultures and their inferred migrations, as well as genetic data published to date added automatically with the help of GIS software.

Read online or download

Due to the big size of the whole volume, you may be willing to try different alternatives among the following, for the most comfortable reading experience.

The recommended option is to read or download individual maps and associated files directly from the official site Updates and relevant comments will be posted there.

Graphics (PCA; ADMIXTURE) can also be downloaded from the same site, at

If you want to have the full, bookmarked PDF, you may want to right click and download the file to read it from your computer or device, instead of trying to read it online:

As a last alternative to read the supplementary materials offline, if you find difficulties reading the PDF because of its size, is to download all individual files as a single compressed ZIP file (it may contain old versions of graphics, unlike those available online):

  • 7z file, with maps and graphs published on 3rd June 2019 (124 Mb).
  • ZIP file, with maps and graphs published on 3rd June 2019 (179 Mb).
  • RAR file, with maps and graphs published on 3rd June 2019 (179 Mb).

Latest Revisions

You can share comments and corrections directly with [email protected], or you can share them publicly in the appropriate forum thread for discussion.

  • 11 SEP 2019 :: (v. 1.21) Changes to Afanasievo-Tocharian evolution. Updated Y-DNA and mtDNA maps.
  • 3 JUN 2019 :: (v. 1.20) Improvements to both maps and graphics, with new samples, PCAs and ADMIXTURE.
  • 9 MAR 2019 :: (v. 1.16) New date for Hajji Firuz outlier (now BA), corrected Neolithic and LBA Y-DNA maps.
  • 6 MAR 2019 :: (v. 1.15) Major changes to PCA: included recent samples from Wang et al. (2018). Minor corrections and additions to most maps.
  • 7 FEB 2019 :: (v. 1.1) Corrected many maps, especially those with Indo-European and related migrations (Khvalynsk-Yamna), added new Y-DNA cases and newly reported SNPs (no change to mtDNA or ADMIXTURE). New map of biomes. Improvements of PCA graphs.
  • 2 JAN 2019 :: (v. 1.03) Corrected PCA of European Bronze Age (Czech BA) and added Bell Beaker shade.
  • 2 JAN 2019 :: (v. 1.02) Corrected “R1b-L745” for R1b-L754 in Eneolithic and Neolithic maps and deleted Trypillia expansion date on Late Eneolithic map.
  • 1 JAN 2019 :: (v. 1.01) Corrected extra water (of Neolithic and later periods) on Late Mesolithic maps.