August 4, 2017

Indo-European studies

This is a selection of the best online resources on Indo-European linguistics.

We have been studying all aspects of Indo-European studies for quite a long time, and have amassed a huge amount of books and articles on the subjects. If you would like for us to share some (electronic) book or article with you, in case you have some special interest, please ask us directly through e-mail or use the forum. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Proto-Indo-European and ancient Indo-European languages

The Linguistics Research Center (LRC), University of Texas, on Proto-Indo-European and early Indo-European dialects. Especially recommended are the early IE language lessons at Early Indo-European Online.

Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien (TITUS), a joint project by European universities to put Indo-European texts and materials online.

The closed Facebook page Proto-Indo-European, where anyone with interest in Indo-European linguistics is welcome, is managed by Indo-Europeanists – and many members are established Indo-Europeanists themselves – , and is a good place to read discussions on details of the reconstruction.

The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the humanities. Free tools and access to various types of materials on Greek and Latin.

From the Russian school of Nostraticists comes the The Tower of Babel project, mainly a lexicon project oriented to macro-families’ comparison, including Indo-European, Eurasiatic, Nostratic and other language families, with free publications for download.

Indology is a discussion forum, a group of university scholars actively engaged in the study of the languages, history and culture of India, from the ancient to the early modern period.

Proto-Indo-European Lexicon

The Linguistics Research Center’s Proto-Indo-European lexicon, with early language reflexes, semantic index, etc.

The Tower of Babel project’s free databases and software (IE.exe) for download. Recommended as entry site is the Indo-European database, for queries on Proto-Indo-European lexicon and meaning.

Paleolexicon’s dictionaries and reverse index (English – ancient Indo-European).

Journals and articles, a repository of books, book chapters and articles on any subject posted by their authors, strongly oriented toward academic fields (and less to scientific ones).

The journal with the longest tradition in the field, Journal of Indo-European Studies.

An open access journal, Indo-European Linguistics.

From the Russian school, the open access Journal of Language Relationship

Baltistica, with an interface in Letonian, but with open access articles in English.

Frederik Kortlandt‘s personal website, with many of his publications available for download in PDF.