A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, 1st Printed Edition, Release Candidate II

The latest version of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, 1st Printed Edition, has been released after some major corrections (now version 3.10):

– The printed design has been improved, the frontpage modified and the PDF size adjusted to the real size of the printed edition (22x17cm)

– The Notes show more accurate reconstructions of modern IE (mainly Anglo-Latin) words.

– Minor syntax, translation, and corrections have been applied to all chapters.

– The Noun Declension system has been adapted to a more Graeco-Latin scheme (i.e., the First declension is equivalent to Latin a or first declension, and to the Greek alpha-declension, and so on).

– The chapter on verbs has been slightly improved.

– The Appendix on Phonology, especially on the palatovelars’ question, has been corrected. The syntax Appendix improved.

Thanks to all of you for your corrections and comments. We hope to keep publishing minor corrections and newer major versions with your inestimable help.

Your Indo-European Language Team.