A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, updated; and new Prometheus (Engineer Language) Edition!

These are the latest news:

  • A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, has been revised with a lot of minor corrections into v. 3.10
  • Fernando’s Proto-Indo-European lexicon has been updated, and incorporated into the grammar
  • We have published the new version of the grammar, including all new information, online and printed at Amazon, without the Etymology section – it is therefore a cheaper, more handy manual. We will reconsider this option depending on the users’ opinions on this new version
  • We have published a parallel Prometheus Edition – Engineer language of the grammar, that includes unprecedented content with discussion of Prometheus’ recreated Late Proto-Indo-European dialect. There is also a printed version at Amazon. Since our grammar is precisely a Late Indo-European dialectal grammar, it wasn’t difficult to add some information on the language for fans.

That is good for us ‘Late Indo-European fans’, to hear a similar Indo-European dialect used in a modern context, and good for us fans of the Prometheus/Alien/Predator fiction Universe, to be able to understand and speak its main intergalactic language. We have opened a blog dedicated to the language, and a new dedicated section in our forum for discussion on this recreated language.

We consider it so interesting because it is the only conlang – that we know of – that is really intended to be a PIE dialect, recreated by experts in ancient languages, and not simply a personal ‘simplification’, ‘neutralization’ or ‘internationalization’ of it.

So congratulations to all of us fans of IE studies and science fiction for this great year of 2012, and for the next years while we await the sequel, Prometheus 2 – or maybe “Paradise“?

Happy Prometheus DVD / Blu-ray day to all of you!

Your Indo-European language team

Edit 7 Oct 2012 : As stated in the Preface to the Prometheus Edition, Fernando López-Menchero’s Modern Indo-European Syntax is expected to be published in late 2012 / early 2013.

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