Indo-European translator and dictionary engine WLQO, from and into English

29/9/2006 [Legacy]

The Dnghu Group has released a tryout version of future WLQO translator/dictionary at, which will include more language pairs and vocabulary for translation in the next (Alpha 2) release. You can find more information about the GPL translator/dictionary at the SourceForge project site.

This unstable release has some major problems: it does not support declensions nor conjugations, a lot of words are not correctly written (following our own Europaio grammar), and we cannot offer phonetics nor kindred forms information yet, among other linguistic and software issues we need to solve in the future.

To date we have not posted the software package for download, as the files we are using are the same as the latest posted by OTE, but we plan to release all new features and data during the next year or so. The pace to which we can release stable (and original) works depends on the collaboration we receive.If you are interested in helping us write the dictionary, you can contribute immediately to the wiki dictionary project. You can also collaborate with us at legsikom, building vocabulary for our MySQL databases in each language pair.