The Dnghu Network begins the Indo-European language revival

28/3/2006 [Legacy]

We have released today -as scheduled- our three main online projects: the central Dnghu Group web site, to better inform Europaio readers and learners about our activities; the Europaiom provisional web site, where future discussions will be held between Europaio experts before decissions and recommendations are published; and the Europaio project, including Wrdhom and Wlqo among its own independent projects, which is designed to be the collaborative, cutting edge, Open Source, public project, where all Europeans interested will be able to modify the shape of our future National language.

Although we eventually managed to publish the web sites, they are not still stable, as there are many broken links, bad translations and such common mistakes due to lack of resources. We hope to keep solving them at a good pace, thanks especially to external collaboration.