Modern Indo-European (or “Europaio”) Grammar, Volume I, First Revised Edition, published as GFDL/CC-by-sa

Here it is, Modern Indo-European Grammar Version 2.0, a large file (around 4Mb) to download from our servers or from external file servers.

Because of the recent news about our project in the Spanish media (El Mundo and Spanish Television News “La 2 Noticias”), and the growing interest in the project, we have decided to release now what we had already fixed, instead of waiting till the rest of the grammar was properly revised (especially the verbal system).

As the licence is now GFDL/CC-by-sa, it is not really important whether the grammar is completely correct, as anyone can now copy, improve and redistribute it freely.

Also, we will keep publishing minor revisions (beginning from version 2.0), and hopefully make another major release together with Volume II, Syntax, before this summer.

Thanks to all our readers and contributors.


Your Indo-European Language Team.