A Practical Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers (Printed Edition)

Fernando López-Menchero has published the new version of the main Modern Indo-European Self-Study Book.

This new version offers:

  • Multiple corrections, based on the many comments from readers received by email and through the Facebook Group.
  • Important updates, including the previously unpublished Part II of the original Guidebook, now lessons 31-42 and appendix.
  • Corrected and updated supplementary materials, including Excel files for easy reference of morphology and vocabulary.
  • A curated edition prepared for print, thanks to the collaboration of Antonio Costanzo.

This is thus the new Part I of A Practical Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers, currently the main resource of Academia Prisca to learn Proto-Indo-European as a modern language, from the most basic level up to an intermediate level (estimated B1–B2, depending on the previous background in IE and classical languages).

Fernando has also uploaded the Late Proto-Indo-European Etymological Lexicon, now entering its version 8.

If you would like to help or otherwise take part in the development process (and translation work, which is usually undertaken at the same time), you can contact him at [email protected].

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Carlos Quiles

1 thought on “A Practical Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers (Printed Edition)

  • Is Modern Indo-European drifting away from the original intent of an easy-to-use language?

    I’ve been following MIE project almost from the beginning (the glorious days of Dnghu website 😀 ), and I’m not fully enjoying that the authors have drifted from a modern and easy way to write and pronounce it to a “linguistic” approach, re-inserting all those sounds ā́, r̥ , ō̆, ḿ̥ , laringals…

    I would rather keep the writing and the pronunciation as simple as possible. What do you think?

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