Short delay in the publication of the third edition of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, the new self-learning book, and server management

Dear members and friends,

Even though we planned to publish the third printed edition of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European (and to have it published online) by this time already, we had to solve some unexpected problems in linguistic aspects, as well as in the final editing and design of the book.

Nevertheless, to compensate for this two-week delay, we will probably publish the grammar in PDF online before it is available as a printed book, so that we can work in the new self-learning course, or in translations of the latest text, as soon as possible. We expect the reconstruction to be far more stable than the previous one, but revisions are indeed still necessary.

Apart from that, and while we wait for the grammar to be published, we are changing the server installation, to be able to work on the websites more efficiently. We have already solved the forum registration problem. Among other things, we want:

– To improve the website accessibility, letting just simple and direct information on Indo-European reconstruction.
– To restrict or fully eliminate Google ads, which are not necessary for the moment to keep the websites functioning.
– To concentrate all linguistic information on one website (, and to simplify the website as the association’s central, as a cultural and social centre.

About older, unanswered mails, we keep receiving some complaints; I (Carlos) am fully responsible for their loss, because of the thousands of spam mails (received over months) I had to manually revise… I apologise for any inconveniences. Please resend unanswered mails to [email protected]

Your Indo-European Team.