Publication of A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, and changes to server and websites

A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, has been published.

After rejecting the first proof from Amazon’s print-on-demand company CreateSpace, the second proof arrived today and it was just fine. The margins remain maybe small for an ideal professional publication, but we deem it useless to fight against a sort of ‘burocracy’ for small publishers, and it would mean more weeks (if not months) to have a book with the margins exactly as pre-defined… For those of you who bought the Second Edition, it shows a slight improvement in margins, though.

EDIT (12 May 2010): We have added Facebook and Twitter buttons to recommend the grammar.

All sales channels available have been selected, including libraries and traditional distribution, and because of that the prize is slightly higher.

Information on the new features of version 5.0 are on the (from now on) official Indo-European Grammar and Dictionary’s blog.

On a different matter, we had to move information from one server to another, and something went wrong; because of that, some files were lost, and some websites have been adapted to the available files. Errors might appear from time to time, until everything is fixed.

Taking this event as an opportunity to improve, a simplification trend has begun, for the websites to have only the latest and most interesting information on the project.

On the Assimil-like course, given the latest unfavorable events and other compromises, it will probably have to wait months, like the specific syntax, planned for the end of the summer.

Enjoy the grammar!

Your Indo-European Team.