Change of website, revision of the Late Proto-Indo-European Etymological Lexicon (downloadable as Excel file), and Indo-European demic diffusion model, 2nd edition

If you have visited our websites recently, you might have noticed some important changes:

The old website and name have been renewed: The informal group will be called from now on Academia Prisca, and the official website is It was the name chosen by Fernando López-Menchero more than a year ago (you could see it in his ResearchGate account), and represents a step forward in our commitment to move the project closer to Indo-European Studies and Classics.

Fernando López-Menchero has just published a new, corrected version of his Late Proto-Indo-European etymological lexicon. Now it is also downloadable in its original format, an Excel file, for quick reference.

The Indo-European demic diffusion model, second edition revised and updated has been published with new data and maps, and with the website used for the collaborative development of the Steppe migration theory.

We are yet to publish a detailed proposal for the alternative use of the Old Italic script – together with the modern scripts described in the section Conventions of the Grammar. It will be proposed especially in relation to headings, as well as in short, formal texts. You will be seeing more of it in our logos and headings. We deem this script a clear sign of a traditional west European script, easily associated with a North-West Indo-European language. The Old Italic script is derived from a west Archaic Greek alphabet (‘sister’ of the alphabet later used uniformly in Classical Greek), and it is the direct ancestor of the first scripts used to write Celtic and Italic languages, and it derived into the Latin alphabet, the Germanic runes, and the Irish Ogham.

The next project will be the use of the website for a collaborative translation of ancient and classical texts into Modern Indo-European. These texts will be used to record the first audio samples of Modern Indo-European.

Carlos Quiles ([email protected])
Academia Prisca.