A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, and website in Spanish

A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Third Edition, has been published in Spanish, and is available for download and to read online.

The translation was made by Antonio Enrique Lázaro Sahuquillo in 2013, but my own time constraints have delayed its publication in a proper format.

This work by Antonio was intended as a tentative translation (especially of the most complex aspects of the grammar). We have revised mostly the format of his work (like styles and fonts), but many minor formatting errors probably remain, among the purely linguistic ones.

Please share any errors to the appropriate forum thread.

Once the grammar is considered a correct translation, it will be published as a printed version.

You can contact us if you want to continue the French translation of the grammar, or if you want to start any translation into any modern language.

Carlos Quiles
[email protected]