North-West Indo-European monograph, Indo-European demic diffusion (3rd Ed., revised), and self-learning course on its way

Following our scholarly work for the promotion of North-West Indo-European – the proto-language we want to revive as a modern language with this project -, we have published the following works (links on Academia Prisca will be made available or updated as soon as possible):

North-West Indo-European, the first draft of a monograph that is intended to include controversial topics on the reconstruction of this proto-language. You can read or download in ResearchGate or in Our aim is to collect information – some of it now contained in the grammar -, to leave the grammar for learners of the modern language system. The website will be the official collaborative Wiki to host changes and new information.

Included with the monograph is a recording of Schleicher’s fable in North-West Indo-European. While there are certain issues with the reconstruction (some of them commented in the monograph), this rendition is a fairly good example of how the proto-language must have sounded like. You have the video with subtitles in many different languages in Youtube and in Facebook, and it will be made available on this website for download, as a video with subtitles, and as an audio file.

(Select your preferred subtitles from the right bottom corner of this viewer)

The Indo-European demic diffusion model was already in its 3rd edition, and new relevant information has been published, so a minor revision of the information and maps was clearly necessary. You can read it for the moment in ResearchGate and in We will post this information in this website and in the official Wiki as son as possible.

The 30 first lessons of Fernando’s self-learning course on Modern Indo-European are being corrected by volunteers right now (including English, Spanish, and French versions), and they will be made available in the near future, so stay tuned!

Carlos Quiles

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