A Practical Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers (first version)

Fernando López-Menchero has decided to publish a provisional* version of the first part (30 lessons) of the self-learning course he has been working on for years.

* This is not a professionally (or otherwise carefully) curated edition. It is a more or less informally structured text, intended for its practical use by interested learners, and for corrections and improvement of details, until the whole book can be published with a professional layout.

The first part of A Practical Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers is a great resource to learn Modern Indo-European (and Late Proto-Indo-European) from the most basic level up to an intermediate level (estimated B1–B2, depending on the previous background in IE and classical languages). Instead of working on unending details and discussions of the language reconstruction, it takes Late Indo-European as a learned, modern language that can be used for communication.

Because of its detailed account of controversial and difficult aspects, though, it will be just as useful for those interested in Proto-Indo-European reconstruction, whether linguists involved in Indo-European studies or fans from other closely related disciplines interested in learning the language.

We will have this first part translated into French in short (within 1–2 months), and probably in German and Spanish later.

Fernando is already working on the second part, which could be expected probably for 2020. If you would like to help or otherwise take part in the development process (and translation work, which is usually undertaken at the same time), you can contact him at [email protected].

Those of us who have been willing to work with him (and with the French, Spanish, and German translations) have worked essentially with this same provisional text for more than a year already.

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Carlos Quiles